Kalek Garren

High Cleric of The Old Man


Kalek is the highest ranking cleric within the Temple of Armed Conflict, achieving the rank of Colonel. This rank is surprising high given the surrounding population due to the nature of Bet Dodera, that of continual warfare with it’s dwarven neighbors. Kalek served a mandatory 20 year term in the Duke’s army, rising in it’s ranks almost as quickly as he accomplished within the temple. Upon his release from the army, he continued to serve in an unofficial capacity, both as a strategist and battle healer for another 10 years before focusing entirely on the training of the fighter/clerics within the temple. He has maintained the rank of Colonel since the passing of the previous high cleric three years ago. Kalek is 46 years old, the youngest Colonel in the Temple of Armed Conflict as well as the youngest high priest of all the temples of Bet Dodera.


Kalek Garren

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